Japan's ODA Projects in Indonesia under Different Assistance Schemes
Technical Cooperation
Technical Cooperation Project/ Project-Type Technical Cooperation
Year Project Period
1967 East Java Maize Development Cooperation 1967-1974
  Support for Increase of Food Production in West Java 1967-1976
1969 Tuberculosis and Malaria Prevention in Ambon 1969, 1972-1973
  Agricultural Development Cooperation in Tajum Area 1969-1976, 1981-1982
1971 Strengthening of Agricultural Extension Work in Lampung Province 1971-1982, 1985-1987
1972 Vocational Training Center for Industry in Sulawesi 1972-1980, 1982, 1990-1991
1973 Sericulture Development Project 1973-1984
1974 Control of Biological Products and Virus Diagnosis 1974-1982, 1990-1993
1975 Mariculture Research and Development Project 1975, 1977-1986, 1988-1991
  Agricultural Development in South Sulawesi 1975-1982, 1986-1988
  Processing of Agricultural Products in Bogor Agricultural University 1975-1984
1976 Animal Disease Investigation Project 1976-1984, 1987-1989
  Regional Health in North Sumatra 1976-1992
1977 Natural Tree Harvest in Java 1977-1982, 1985-1986
  Development of Building Materials 1977-1983, 1988-1989
  Family Planning Project 1977-1984, 1982-1985
1978 Remote Sensing Engineering Project for the Development of Agricultural Infrastructure 1978-1987
  Training of Middle Level Agricultural Technician 1978-1988
  Trial Plantation in South Sumatra 1978-1989
1979 Strengthening Protection for Crop 1979-1987
  Chemical Industry Training and Development in Sumatra 1979-1989, 1991-1993
  Technical Center for Terminal Irrigation Facilities 1979-1992
1981 Biomass Energy Research and Development 1981-1986, 1988-1990
  Improvement of the Volcanic Technology 1981-1990
  Vocational and Extension Service Training 1981-1992
  Drug Quality Control 1981-1992
1982 Training for Radio and Television 1982-1992
  Veterinary Drug Assay 1982-1992
1983 Reforestation of Tropical Rain Forest 1983-1991
1984 Dental Department of Padjadjaran University 1984-1986
  Dr. Hasan Sadikin Hospital in West Java 1984-1988, 1991
  Training Teachers in Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute 1984-1994, 1996, 1999-2004
1985 Maternal and Child Health Handbook 1985, 1988-1994, 1998-2003
  Research and Development of Indonesian Low Grade Nickel Laterite 1985-1992
  Center for Development of Appropriate Agricultural Engineering Technology 1985-1993, 1995-1996, 1998-1999
  Strengthening of Artificial Insemination Center 1985-1995
  Fundamental Technology Transfer Project for Production of Live Attenuated Measles and Poliomyelitis Vaccines in Indonesia 1985-1996, 1999-2001
1986 Strengthening Agricultural Research 1986-1991
  Project on Characterization of Polymeric Materials 1986-1992
  Graduate School of Bogor Agricultural University 1986-1993, 1997-2000
  Telephone Outside Plant Maintenance Center (OPMC) 1986-1995
  Soil Saving Technology in South Sulawesi 1986-1996
  Export Training Center 1986-1996
1987 Project of Modernization of PERUMKA’s Education and Training System in Jabotabek 1987-1988, 1991-1997
  Crop Protection Phase II 1987-1992
1988 Research and Development of Coastal Aquaculture Project 1988-1993
  Image Processing Technology for Oil and Gas Study 1988-1994
  Remote Sensing Engineering Project for the Development of Agricultural Infrastructure (Phase 2) 1988-1996
1989 Tropical Disease Center 1989-1990
  Development of Large-Scale Forest Recovery Technology 1989-1992
1990 Tropical Disease Center of Airlangga University 1990-1993
  Tropical Rain Forest Reforestation Study Center (Mulawarman University) (Phase 2) 1990-1994
  Sabo Technical Center 1990-1997
  Revitalization of the Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation Training Center 1990-1998, 2000, 2002
  Integrated Agricultural and Rural Development Project in Southeast Sulawesi Province 1990-1998, 2000-2002
  Higher Education Development Support Project (HEDS) 1990-2002
1991 CEVEST Vocational Training Development Project 1991-1997
  Development of High Quality Seed Potato Multiplication and Training 1991-1998
  Environmental Management Center 1991-2000
1992 Solo Rehabilitation Center 1992-1997
  Forest Tree Improvement Project 1992-1997
  Training of Prevention Technology of Industrial Pollution 1992-1998
  Project on the Development of Appropriate Technology for Multi-storey Residential Building and Its Environmental Infrastructures for Low Income People 1992-2000, 2002-2003, 2005
  Irrigation Engineering Service Improvement 1992-2002
1993 Quality Soybean Seed Multiplication and Training Project 1993, 1996-2003
  Biodiversity Conservation Project 1993-1998
  Project to Enhance Education and Training of Industrial Safety and Health 1993-2000
  Agriculture Statistical Technology Improvement and Training Project 1993-2001
  Research and Development for Multi-Species Hatchery Project 1993-2004
1994 Telephone Outside Plant Construction Center (OPCC) 1994-1998
  Project on Upgrading the Emergency Medical Care System of the Dr. Soetomo Hospital 1994-2000
  Tropical Rainforest Research Project (Phase 3) 1994-2002
1995 Forest Fire Prevention Management Project 1995-2001
  Project for Human Resources Development in the Trade Sectors 1995-2001
  Project for Strengthening Sulawesi Rural Community Development to Support Poverty Alleviation Program 1995-2002
  Project for Improvement of District Health Service in South Sulawesi 1995-2002
1996 Project for Improvement of Agricultural Extension and Training System 1996-2002
  Project on Supporting Industries Development for Casting Technology 1996-2004
1997 Project for the National Vocational Rehabilitation Center for Disabled People 1997-2002
  Forest Tree Improvement Development Project (Phase 2) 1997-2002
1998 Volcanic and Sabo Research 1998
  Local Development Program (Emergency/Crisis Assistance) 1998
  Project of Subsidized Food and Health Services Provision for Becak (Pedicab) Drivers and Their Families 1998-1999
  Chemical Industry Training and Development Center Project (Phase 2) 1998-1999
  Project for Development of Irrigation Facilities for Agriculture and Fishery to Improve and to Maintain with Farmer's Participation 1998-1999
  Sabu Social Safety Net Program 1998-1999
  Empowerment of the Poor in South Sulawesi to Support Poverty Alleviation Program 1998-1999
  Project for Enlightening the Community Empowerment on the Primary Health Care in the Remote Archipelago Areas of South Sulawesi Province 1998-1999
  Improving of Living Standard by Community Drinking Water Pumping System in East Sumba of East Nusa Tenggara 1998-2000
  Biodiversity Conservation Project (Phase 2) 1998-2003
  Project for Ensuring the Quality of Mother Child Health (MCH) Services through MCH Handbook 1998-2003
  Development of High Quality Seed Potato Multiplication System Project 1998-2003
  Project on the Development of Science and Mathematics Teaching for Primary and Secondary Education in Indonesia 1998-2005
1999 Administration Improvement for Public Officer 1999-2000
2000 Project for Human Resources Development in the Trade Sectors (Follow-Up) 2000-2002
  Freshwater Aquaculture Development Project 2000-2005
2001 Mangrove Information Center Project 2001-2004
  Project for Center of Japanese Studies University of Indonesia (Phase 2) 2001-2004
  Satellite Center 2001-2005
  Regional Development Support Program 2001-2005
  Integrated Sediment-Related Disaster Management Project for Volcanic Area 2001-2006
  Forest Fire Prevention Management Project (Phase 2) 2001-2006
  Coal Mining Technology Enhancement Project at the Ombilin Mine Training College 2001-2006
  Demonstration Study on Carbon Fixing Forest Management in Indonesia 2001-2006
2002 Project for Empowerment of Coastal Community through Economically Based Mangrove Rehabilitation 2002
  Training for Agricultural Engineering and Technology in Developing Countries 2002
  School Based Parasite Control Program to Improve Health Status of Primary School Children in Indonesia 2002
  Biodiversity Conservation Project (Follow-up) 2002
  Women Empowerment through the Development and Establishment of Small Industry in East Nusa Tenggara 2002
  Strengthening the Institutional and Service Delivery Capacity of Indigenous NGO's Implement Community Development Program 2002
  Guidance and Promotion of Local Community's Productive Efforts through the Empowerment of Women Participation in Recovering Family at Grassroots Level 2002
  Project on Natural Resources Management for Local Community Empowerment 2002
  Project for the Promotion of Improved and Sustainable Community Development Program Methods by Multi-Sector Approach through the Local NGO in East Nusa Tenggara 2002
  Community Empowerment through the Utilization of Golden Snail to be hog feeding and Developing Animal Husbandry to Increase Family Income 2002
  Iodine Project at Pasuruan 2002, 2005
  Aqua Environment Improvement Project for a Model River Basin in the City of Semarang 2002-2003
  Training on Sustainable Structural Safety Design for Building Engineers in RIHS, Bandung 2002-2003
  Project for Malaria Control in Lombok and Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara 2002-2004
  Project for the Establishment and Management of Appropriate Technology Center for Waste Water Treatment 2002-2004
  Project for Human Resource Development for Local Government (HRDLG) 2002-2005
  Project for Strengthening Decentralized Environment Management System 2002-2006
  Project for the Establishment and Capacity Building of Regional Export Training and Promotion Centers 2002-2006
  Project for the Enhancement of Civilian Police Activities 2002-2007
2003 Development of Sustainable Mangrove Management Project 2003
  Biodiversity Conservation Project (1/2) 2003
  Support Program for Police Reform in Indonesia 2003
  Project for the Improvement of the Research Institute for Human Settlements 2003-2004
  Climate Change Program 2003-2004
  Capacity Development of Development Economics 2003-2005
  Keeping Peace and Strengthening Integration in Post Conflict Areas 2003-2005
  National Vocational Rehabilitation Center for Disabled People 2003-2006
  Tax Administration Improvement Project 2003-2006
  Regional Water Supply Project 2003-2006
  Project on Capacity Building for Regional Road Management 2003-2006
  Project on Strengthening Tourism Marketing 2003-2007
  Project for the Promotion of Mass Propagation Technique of Native Tree Species for Reforestation 2003-2007
2004 Project for Strengthening of Polytechnic Education in Electric-Related Technology (SPEET) 2004-2005
  Capital Market Development 2004-2005
  Improvement of Regional Health Administration and Health Service Delivery 2004-2005
  Railway Safety Management Improvement Project 2004-2005
  Improvement of ASEAN Customs Post-Clearance Audit Procedures 2004-2006
  ASEAN Training Course on Dairy Husbandry Technology 2004-2006
  Third Country Training Program on Exchange Visit for Afghanistan Agricultural Officials 2004-2006
  Follow-Up Cooperation of the Joint Study Project on the Center of Japanese Studies University of Indonesia (Phase 2) 2004-2006
  Reshaping Telecommunication Policy and Regulation in Competitive Market in Indonesia 2004-2006
  Port Maintenance and Management in Indonesia Project 2004-2006
  Technical Cooperation for Community Empowerment Program with Civil Society in Indonesia 2004-2006
  External debts management capacity building project 2004-2006
  Management Improvement for SMEs and Cooperatives 2004-2006
  Competition Policy 2004-2007
  Project for the Empowerment of Water Users Association Project 2004-2007
  Improvement of Customs Administration 2004-2007
  Dissemination of Appropriate Dairy Technology Utilizing Local Resources 2004-2007
  Training of Agriculture Extension Officers on Improvement of Farm Management 2004-2007
  Regional Educational Development and Improvement Project /REDIP (Phase 2) 2004-2008
  Gunung Halimun-Salak National Park Management Project (GHSNP-MP) 2004-2009
2005 National Vocational Rehabilitation Center for Disabled People 2005
  Promotion of Local Industry 2005
  Eco-label Capacity Building 2005-2006
  Strengthening ICT Capabilities of Government Officials in Indonesia 2005-2006
  Third Country Training Program on Micro Finance for African Region 2005-2006
  Bali Regional Police (Tourism Police) Civilian Police Activities 2005-2007
  Improvement of Drug Supply Management and Promotion of Rational Drug Use 2005-2007
  Intellectual Property Rights Administration 2005-2007
  Antidrug Control of National Police 2005-2007
  Human Resource Development for Local Governance (Phase II) (HRDLG) 2005-2007
  Research Cooperation with the Center for Japanese Studies, University of Indonesia (Phase 3) 2005-2008
  Dissemination of the Sustainable Mariculture Technology Project 2005-2008
  Institutional Support for Food Security 2005-2008
  Human Resources Development for SMEs 2005-2008
  Capacity Development of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Concerning Broadcasting Strategy Formulation and Planning 2005-2008
2006 Central Java and Yogyakarta Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Support 2006-2007
  Contingency Exercise on Airport Security 2006-2007
  Technology and Management Improvement for SMEs in Industrial Sector 2006-2007
  Project for Administration Improvement of Trade Related Regulation, System and Procedures 2006-2007
  Project for Shipping and Sea Transportation Improvement 2006-2008
  Project for Developing the Information System of Small Area Statistics in Indonesia 2006-2008
  Marine Educational System Improvement Project 2006-2008
  Strengthening In-service Teacher Training of Mathematics and Science Education (SISTTEMS) (Phase 2) 2006-2008
  Integrated Approach for Liking Higher Education Institution with Industry and Community in Gajah Mada University (Hi-Link) 2006-2009
  Project on Ensuring Maternal and Child Health Service with MCH Handbook (Phase II) 2006-2009
  Third Country Training Program on Artificial Insemination on Dairy Cattle 2006-2009
  Port Security Management Project 2006-2009
  Capital Market Development 2006-2009
  Forest Fire Prevention Project by Initiative of People in Buffer Zone 2006-2009
  Modernization of Tax Administration 2006-2009
  Enhancement of Marine and Fisheries Administration under the Decentralization 2006-2009
  Promotion of the Sustainable Coastal Fisheries Project 2006-2009
  Project for Research and Education Development of ICT in Sepuluh November Institute of Technology (PREDICT-ITS) 2006-2010
  International Course on Vocational Rehabilitation for Persons with Disabilities 2006-2010
  Beef Cattle Development Project in the Eastern Part of Indonesia 2006-2011
2007 Self-Sustainable Community Empowerment Network Formulation Project 2007-2009
  Institutional Revitalization Project for Flood Management in Jabodetabek 2007-2009
  Monetary Policy Improvement 2007-2009
  Coal Mining Technology Enhancement Project (Follow Up) 2007-2009
  Project on Improvement of Mediation System 2007-2009
  Sub Sectoral Program on Mangrove 2007-2010
  Railway Safety Management Improvement Project (Phase II) 2007-2010
  Improvement of District Health Management Capacity in South Sulawesi Province 2007-2010
Source: JICA

ODA Projects
Japan's ODA Projects in Indonesia under Different Assistance Schemes
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Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO Project
Grant Assistance for Cultural Grassroots Project
Technical Cooperation Project/ Project-Type Technical Cooperation