Cultural Grant Aid for the Supply of Sound Equipment to the Cultural Park in Yogyakarta

Period (Date of Exchange of Notes (E/N)):
    August 29, 2002

    Yogyakarta Cultural Park (Yogyakarta)

Amount Provided:
    35,700,000 yen

At the Yogyakarta Cultural Park, many performances take place as the center of artistic and cultural activities of Indonesia, a country with a long history and rich tradition, contributing to the preservation and development of the arts and culture of the country. Providing/ donating audio equipment to the park will enable the park to conduct performances of higher quality by international standards in addition to traditional Indonesia music, theater, dance and so forth that have so far been performed, through which further advancement of superior arts and culture of Indonesia can be expected.

Equipment given are as follows
  (1) Audio equipment
  (2) Mobile video shooting equipment
  (3) Mobile audio equipment