Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship

Period (Date of Exchange of Notes (E/N)):
    August 8, 2003


Amount Provided:
    72 million yen (about US$ 600 thousand / Rp 5.1 billions)

This program "the Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship" was designed to strengthen the capacity of Indonesian officials who formulate and implement policies in various areas for the economic and social development in Indonesia. It started in 2002, and this year's project is the second one. 30 members of the first group already left for Japan and are scheduled to begin their study and research at various universities in Japan from September or October 2003 in Japan.

This time, after the consultation with GOI, GOJ has decided to accept another 30 Indonesian officials and university lecturers for the master courses in 6 fields, namely, Public Administration, Law, Economics, Business Administration, International Relations and Information Technology. After completion of their studies in Japan, they are expected to make the most of expertise and knowledge gained in Japan and their human network and also expected to play an important role for economic and social development in Indonesia.