Emergency Grant Aid (for the Purpose of Preventing an Outbreak of Poliomyelitis through UNICEF)

Period (Date of Exchange of Notes (E/N)):
    September 6, 2005


Amount Provided:
    193 million yen (about US$ 1.8 million)

In Indonesia, polio victims were confirmed for the first time in 10 years in May of this year (2005). Although the Government of Indonesia implemented the immunization campaign in 3 provinces where victims were confirmed on May and June, polio victims continue to increase surpassing 200 cases in August. If remain uncountered, there is also a risk that poliomyelitis would expand not only in Indonesia but also to neighboring countries. Regarding poliomyelitis, international community is striving to eliminate the disease from the world by the end of 2005, and stopping outbreaks in Indonesia is essential in achieving this global target.

To counter this serious situation, the Government of Indonesia has decided to implement immunization campaign for approximately 24 million children at the end of August and September in all 33 provinces of Indonesia, and has requested through UNICEF the Government of Japan to assist the cost for polio vaccine, campaign, socialization and so on for the September's immunization. Taking into account the humanitarian needs and friendship between Japan and Indonesia, the Government of Japan has decided to provide the Emergency Grant Aid. The Government of Japan expects the implementation of our assistance will contribute to avoiding expansion of poliomyelitis in Indonesia, and thus will help achieving the world without poliomyelitis.