Capacity-Building of the Indonesian National Police

Period (Date of Exchange of Notes (E/N)):
    September 15, 2005

    West Java

Amount Provided:
    449 million yen (about US$ 4.05 million / Rp 40.8 billion)

Indonesian National Police (INP) has been making their efforts for Police Reform since INP separated from Indonesian National Defense Forces (TNI). The Government of Japan, based on the request from the Government of Indonesia, has also been supporting INP's efforts for Police Reform by sending various kinds of Japanese police experts including the senior advisor to the Chief of INP, receiving many INP officers to the National Police Agency of Japan for training every year.

This Project aims to provide the Government of Indonesia with Koban-sets to assist the activities of the Japanese police experts working in Bekasi Police Resort which has been implementing the Enhancement of the Civilian Police Activities, and also with Criminal Investigation equipments to enhance the investigation capability including Counter-Terrorism capability of INP. It is also expected that this project will greatly contribute to the realization of the Police for Citizens and the capacity building of investigation activities.