Project for Humanitarian Assistance for Natural Disaster at Jambi Province

Period (Date of Contract):
    February 13, 2004


Amount Provided:
    5,019,934 yen / US$ 41,147

Executing Agency:
    SATKORLAK PBP Jambi /Biro Kesejahteraan Sosial Propinsi Jambi

In the last week of November 2003, the floods in Riau province affected 35,186 household, 75 schools, 65 places of worship, damaging 85 bridges. In the first week of December 2003, the floods in Jambi province affected 5,752 household, 321 schools, 70 health centers/clinics, 45 places of worship, damaging 7 bridges. Six persons were reportedly killed.

The Japanese government has decided to provide grant assistance to Riau and Jambi provincial disaster and IDPs management implementing units (Satkorlak) in the form of 20 rubber boats for the flood relief purpose. This assistance is also expected to assist Satkorlak to respond to future natural disaster promptly.

Donated goods, raft 1 (Riau) Donated goods, raft 2 (Riau)
Donated goods, raft 1 (Jambi) Donated goods, raft 2 (Jambi)