Project for Clean Water Provision for Kamal Muara Village, Penjaringan, North Jakarta, Jakarta

Period (Date of Contract):
    November 21, 2003

    Kamal Muara Village, Penjaringan Subdistrict, North Jakarta District, Jakarta Special Administration District

Amount Provided:
    3,397,700 yen / US$ 27,850

Executing Agency:
    Yayasan Heksa Tunggal

Kamal Muara Village consists of migrants from rural villages and the like from throughout Indonesia and they live in a very poor living condition that can be described as that of the most impoverished in the urban area. Since many factories started to be built around the village from the latter half of 1980s, it became difficult for them to secure hygienic water for everyday use, which forced most of them to buy water from outside. This has been one of the factors pressing livelihood. In addition, a shortage of water for everyday use makes it difficult to maintain a hygienic living environment and the villagers including infants, small children, and the elderly have become vulnerable to various cases of infections as a result of it.

This program is to assist in the installation of common wells in Kamal Muara Village, a poor village located in the North Jakarta district, where water is difficult to come by. The assistance will be given through Yayasan Heksa Tunggal, a self-help group active in the village. With this assistance, six common wells will be built in the village, which is expected to contribute to better welfare, by enabling the villagers of 1,500 (about 300 households) not only to obtain safe and hygienic water but also to save money that had been used in buying water from outside and use it for educating children, improving nutrition, medical care and so forth.

Water tank in good condition Water distributed from a tank