Project for Building and Renovating Kosgoro Sragi Junior School, Banyuwangi, East Jawa

Period (Date of Contract):
    March 7, 2005

    Banyuwangi (East Java)

Amount Provided:
    6,468,770 yen / US$ 58,807 (Rp 515,157,289)

Executing Agency:
    Kosgoro Sragi Junior High School

The Japanese government has provided its assistance through the grass-roots assistance scheme in various fields, such as education, health, poverty reduction, peace-building, disaster management and so forth. In March, the Japanese government has decided to extend its assistance to the following five projects, a total grant up to US365,172 (approximately Rp 3 billion).

The summary of the five projects is as follows

  1. Health
    "The project for the construction on cleft lip and palate rehabilitation center"
    This project is to build a rehabilitation center for cleft lip and palate patients in Bandung, West Java.

  2. Disaster Management
    "The project for the establishment of the early warning system in Jeneberang river basin area in Gowa district, South Sulawesi"
    This project is to support community in disaster prone areas by establishing the early warning system and ensuring safety evacuation mechanism through providing accurate information and installing monitoring systems effectively.

  3. Governance
    "The project for supporting voter education for direct election in Palu city and Poso district, Central Sulawesi"
    This project aims at a peaceful and democratic direct election in Palu city and Poso district through providing voter education, focusing on the objectives and mechanism of the direct election since this election will be the first direct election at the district level in Indonesia.

  4. Education
    "The project for supporting workshop on strengthening education program in Pesantrens"
    This project is to invite Pesantren teachers from each province to a workshop on comperative studies, mainly on education system between Japan and Indonesia, which will be held in Jakarta.

    "The project for building and renovating Kosgoro Sragi Junior High School, Banyuwangi, East Java"
    This project is to renovate the junior high school and to build new classrooms in order to increase the quality of education in surrounding areas.