Project for Assisting the Rehabilitation of Ex-Narcotics in Lembang, West Java

Period (Date of Contract):
    July 27, 2005

    Lembang (West Java)

Amount Provided:
    4,502,239 yen / US$ 42,077

Executing Agency:
    Pamardi Putra Social Recovery Center

According to the data of Regional Police of West Java in 1999, there were about 324 thousand of injected drugs (and other additives) users, which stood by approximately 1% of the population. Pamardi Putra Social Recovery Center, which is owned by the government of West of Java Province, now has 80 ex-narcotics who are undertaking the vocational training and social rehabilitation.

The Government of Japan has extended its assistance to Pamardi Putra Social Recovery Center in Lembang, West of Java in order to support vocational training for rehabilitation of ex-narcotics. The assistance, totaling of US$42,077 (Rp.396,786,118) was extended for the procurement of vocational training equipments for beauty salon, sewing skill, car repair skill, electric skill, computer skill and musical instruments for mental rehabilitation.

vocational training equipments for electric skill musical instruments