Transmission Line Construction Project In Java- Bali (III)

Period (Date of Loan Agreement):
January 28, 1998


Amount Provided:
10,918 million Yen

Executing Agency:
State Electricity Company (PT PLN)

The objective of the project is to secure efficient transmission of power and improve stability and reliability of the transmission system in Java Island. The project consists of construction of 500 kV extra-high-voltage transmission lines between the Paiton Coal Fired Power Plant in Eastern Java and Western Java where is in the major power-consuming areas, and construction of related substations. This loan follows previous loans for the Transmission Line Construction Project in Java-Bali (Loan Agreement: December of 1995; Loan amount: 17,037 million Japanese Yen) and the Transmission Line Construction Project in Java-Bali (II) ( Loan Agreement: December of 1996; Loan amount: 2,840 million Japanese Yen).