Water Resources Existing Facilities Rehabilitation And Capacity Improvement Project

Period (Date of Loan Agreement):
    October 10, 2002

    North Sumatra, Central Java, East Java

Amount Provided:
    14,696 million Yen

Executing Agency:
    Directorate General of Water Resources, Ministry of Public Works

Key Points:
    Rehabilitating existing water resource sector facilities, including sediment control in dams, for their effective use

The objective of the project is to restore the functions of the existing facilities in the water resource sector, improve their sustainability and enhance O&M system by supporting capacity development of O&M agency through rehabilitation of the facilities having urgent needs for work among those previously constructed in ODA loan-funded projects. Specifically, the project consists of rehabilitation of structures in the Solo River basin, sediment control in the Krangkates and Wling multipurpose dams, rehabilitation of river embankments in the Brantas middle basin and the Porong River, urgent rehabilitation of SABO dam in Mt. Kelud, and flood control and improvement of irrigation facilities in Ular river. The project is due to be completed in 2011.