Integrated Water Resources And Flood Management Project For Semarang

Period (Date of Loan Agreement):
    March 29, 2006

    Central Java

Amount Provided:
    16,302 million Yen

Executing Agency:
    Directorate General of Water Resources, Ministry of Public Works

Key Points:
    Supporting flood damage reduction and a stable supply of water in Semarang city

The objective of the project is to mitigate flood damage and provide a stable supply of water in Semarang, the provincial capital of Central Java Province, thereby contributing to regional economic development. The project consists of constructing a multipurpose dam in the upper Garag River basin, rehabilitating flood drainage channels (including that of Simongan weir) and developing a drainage system in the city. In addition, the project has a component of comprehensive water resource development and utilization, which includes establishment of a basin management corporation, the designing of a water supply system, conservation of the upper basin and conservation of the quality of water. The project is due to be completed in 2015.