Professional Human Resource Development Project (III)

Period (Date of Loan Agreement):
    March 29, 2006

    Central Java

Amount Provided:
    9,717 million Yen

Executing Agency:
    Center for Planner Development, Education and Training, National Development Planning Agency (BAPPENAS), Personnel Education and Training Center, Ministry of Finance

Key Points:
    Supporting studies in Japan and Indonesia and training for the capacity development of government employees to address decentralization and other new challenges

The objective of the project is to foster personnel with a higher level of knowledge and skills in such areas as public policy and public financial management. Targeting the central and local government employees who are/will be engaged in policy planning and public finance, the project consists of sending them to Japan for study (around 1,000), enrolling them to higher educational institutions in Indonesia (around 7,000). The project will thereby contribute to improving administrative capacity essential for decentralization. In particular, the linkage program system is introduced for the first time. The study program will continue up to 2013.