Used CT Scanner Unit System Donating Program (RSUD Gianyar Hospital, Indonesia)

Period (Date of Contract) :
    March 1, 2005

Place :
    Gianyar (Bali)

Amount Provided :
    7,579,000 yen

Beneficial Organization :
    Project HOPE Japan

Gianyar Hospital is a class B hospital located in the eastern region of Bali with 13 special medical examination departments and 200 beds. It examines about 60,000 outpatients annually. Though an important hospital that should undertake a fundamental role in the east Bali region, it has no medical equipment that a class B hospital should be equipped with.

This program is for the beneficial organization to enhance further the examination function capabilities of the said hospital by assisting in the transportation cost and the like of a used CAT scanner, which does not exist at all in the east Bali region, to be donated to the hospital.