Vocational Training on Carpentry at Sukabumi Province, West Java in Indonesia

Period (Date of Contract) :
    December 27, 2004

Place :
    Sukabumi (West Java)

Amount Provided :
    9,688,140 yen (about US$ 88,074)

Beneficial Organization :

The total unemployment rate in Indonesia has been growing until today an effect of the economic crisis of 1997. Breakdown into ages of those unemployed, the total unemployment rate was highest among those aged 15 to 24 (year 2000 version of the Indonesia Handbook). Though there are employment opportunities in urban areas, there is none in rural areas and in densely populated Java, finding a job in agriculture is also difficult. In rural areas, young people out of jobs are seen everywhere.

program is to teach simple furniture making skills as a part of education to jobless young people in rural areas and build a carpentry section/division in the vocational carpentry training center in Sukabumi, West Java with the purpose of giving them basic vocational skills and helping them to be independent. In addition, priority will be given on quality control of products and it is expected to create a specialty of the region, by aiming for furniture making in consideration of durability and practicability.