Project for Equipment Supply to TV Training Center

Period (Date of Exchange of Notes (E/N)):
    April 17,1997


Amount Provided:
    497 million yen

The equipment at the TV training center of TVRI was outdated with the details of the training not being practical. The project is to contribute for developing talented staff, namely capacity building and so forth of the engineers of TVRI by providing new training equipment in connection with TV program production.

Through the means of TV program broadcasting, TVRI has been implementing educational activities, which include infiltration and spreading of the national policy and the Indonesian language, children's education and family planning, and in its effort to realize this throughout the country, has installed regional broadcasting stations and relay stations in various parts of the country, each employing the TV station staff. TVRI plays a highly significant role in the area where development is late behind and smooth TV broadcasting and program production is vital in improving the living standards of local communities. However, many of these engineers in charge of TV broadcasting and program production in TVRI regional stations are unskilled, which has been standing in the way of good operation.

The TV Training Center in Jakarta was giving the training to beginning and intermediate level engineers at the regional stations of TVRI to make them acquire fundamental and practical techniques of the minimum level. However, as the equipment introduced to the said center in 1970s was outdated with the details of the training becoming impractical, the number of the trainees dropped drastically, which hindered the training implementation, keeping the broadcasting technique of the regional stations from progressing.

This project is not only to ensure a smooth relay of programs from Jakarta to regional stations but also to enhance program production capabilities at regional stations by developing the engineers of regional stations through the provision of necessary equipment to give training in TV program production at the TV Training Center.

With this project, it is expected that not only the living standards and education level of local residents to improve but also locally made programs to be aired nationally and information exchanges among regions to be promoted.

Training equipment at TV Training Center (TV camera) Training equipment at TV Training Center (Studio secondary adjusting table)