Project for Improvement of Broadcasting Equipment for TVRI Jakarta News Division

Period (Date of Exchange of Notes (E/N)):
    April 25, 2002


Amount Provided:
    539 million yen

To contribute to stable TV program production and broadcasting of news programs by newly introducing digital equipment, namely digital TV camera, non-linear digital editing equipment and so on, to replace the old and degraded news program production facilities at the TVRI (formerly nationally owned TV station) news division and fulfill the increasing demand for latest news programs.

Furthermore, the project is to make it possible to preserve and reuse the valuable visual material by digitalized preservation system (digital visual material archive).

As a public broadcasting station, TVRI covers 82 percent of the population of Indonesia. Although almost all of the broadcasting equipment in possession of TVRI Jakarta News Division had become old and degraded and replacing them with new equipment was the biggest issue to be solved in order to supply news programs steadily, it had not been able to do so, having been unable to secure enough funds.

The TVRI news division, holding the most important position in the press field, having been obliged to provide information to the nation as a public broadcasting station of Indonesia, was in a situation that it was pulling through using these old and degraded pieces of equipment by barely adjusting them. The likelihood of fast reporting marred by interruption in broadcasting and others due to a breakdown in equipment was increasingly large.

Moreover, at a time when digital signal process in news networks was becoming the mainstream, it was urgent that program production facilities such as editing machine be digitalized.

Furthermore, TVRI had maintained since its opening a great number of films (film, analogue tape) historically valuable. But they were degrading while in storage for a long period of time.

The Japanese government assisted TVRI to improve such condition so that it will be able to serve the nation with a steady flow of news reports and so on as the public TV broadcasting Institution in Indonesia.

Part of the TV program editing equipment at TVRI Jakarta News Division Program visual material preservation system of TVRI Jakarta News Division
Part of the TV program editing equipment at TVRI Jakarta News Division