Project for Improvement of Pump Drainage in Poverty District in Jakarta

Period (Date of Exchange of Notes (E/N)):
    March 18, 2004


Amount Provided:
    335 million yen (about US$ 3.05 million / Rp. 25.9 billion)

Poverty alleviation is one of the focused areas of Japanese ODA towards the Republic of Indonesia. The government of Japan has a policy to support this area mainly through grant assistance. After the serious floods in DKI Jakarta occurred in 2002, the central and metropolitan governments procured the Indonesian-made mobile pumps and initiated emergency operations of the mobile pumps at frequently flooded areas in DKI Jakarta. However, these existing mobile pumps are not efficient enough for immediate alleviation of the frequent inundation because of insufficient capacity of the pump, time-consuming installation process at the sites and so on.

This grant assistance project is to provide highly efficient and easy operating Japanese made pumps in order to alleviate the damages in flooded areas caused by problems with the rainwater drainage system in DKI Jakarta. This project is also expected to contribute to the socio-economic stability in DKI Jakarta by improving the living environment of Indonesians as well as the economic activities during the flood season.