Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship (for Future Policy Makers to Promote Development)

Period (Date of Exchange of Notes (E/N)):
    July 25, 2005


Amount Provided:
    591 million yen (about US$ 5.36 million / Rp. 52.3 billion)

This program was designed to strengthen the capacity of Indonesian officials who formulate and implement policies in various areas for the economic and social development in Indonesia and to accept 30 officials and university lectures each year for the Master’s degree courses in 6 fields, namely, Public Administration, Law, Economics, Business Administration, International Relations and Information Technology (Public Policy will be added for the year 2006).

Currently, the first to the third group are studying at various graduate schools in Japan such as Hitotsubashi University, Hiroshima University and Waseda University. This grant assistance is to disburse expenditures for studying in Japan including tuition fees, scholarships etc. for the students who are currently studying in Japan and expenditures for recruiting and selecting and for studying in Japan for the fourth group.

After completion of their studies in Japan, they are expected to make use of expertise and knowledge gained in Japan and their human network and to play an important role for economic and social development in Indonesia and for the development of the relationship between Indonesia and Japan.

Another major Japanese scholarship program provided by Japanese Ministry of Education is focusing on supporting students studying in the various fields of natural science, technology and engineering, while this grant aid is designed to support studies in human science including law and economics.