Project for Provision of School Buildings and Educational Equipments for Cibodas National Elementary School in Cikembar District Sukabumi, the Province of West Java

Period (Date of Contract):
    January 16, 2004

    Kertaraharja Village, Cikembar District, Sukabumi Regency, West Java Province

Amount Provided:
    8,509,744 yen / US$ 69,752

Executing Agency:
    Indonesian OISCA Alumni Association

The school building of Cibodas National Elementary School in Kertaraharja Village in Cikembar District in Sukabumi was destroyed in February 2003 by a sudden gust of wind (five classrooms which were 30 years old totally destroyed) and it became impossible to restore. Since then, the lessons are taught in the rooms of a nearby kindergarten and the like. As the damage is quite severe and that the budget for restoration of 42 elementary schools in the district is limited, for the time being, there is no prospect for the school to be restored. Furthermore, Kertarahaja with the population of 5000 people have only two elementary schools and that having lost the one above poses a significant loss for the whole of the village.

The Japanese government has decided to assist in rebuilding anew the school facilities of the said elementary school destroyed in a sudden gust of wind and in the purchasing of teaching material. The restoration work and making of educational equipment (long chairs for children, desks for teachers, chairs, wooden bookshelves, blackboards and so on)will be carried out by soliciting participants among the village residents, particularly from the families of the school children.

Things to be assisted under this program :
  1. Rebuilding 5 classrooms, 1 school building, 2 classrooms, 1 teacher’s room, and restoration of the toilet
  2. Educational equipment: children's desks, chairs, wooden bookshelves, blackboard
  3. Educational material, microphone set
Classrooms, desks and chairs provided The hallway