Project on the Development of Appropriate Technology for Multi-storey Residential Building and Its Environmental Infrastructures for Low Income People

    1992-2000, 2002-2003, 2005

    Bandung (West Java), Jakarta

Together with the rapid growth of population of the big cities in Indonesia, the problem of housing supply has become critical as well. Meanwhile, multy-storey residential buildings (MSRB) have become a compelling option in meeting the needs for housing, making the best of limited land and existing infrastructures.

In response to this condition, JICA implemented a technical cooperation project between the years 1993 and 1998 for the development of appropriate technology with regard to the construction of MSRB.

The purpose of this cooperation was to produce a technical guidebook for building MSRB through an experimental project in Pasar Jumat (Jakarta) and conduct a monitoring and analysis on the realization. However, the activities could not be completed due to the economic crisis. After the crisis, the halted project (1993-1998) was continued and the guidebook was completed according to the plan based on the pilot building in Pasar Jumat.