Project for the Enhancement of Civilian Police Activities


    Bekasi (West Java)

With the development of democracy in Indonesia following the fall of the Soeharto regime, and based on the decision of the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR), the Indonesian National Police (INP) was officially separated from the Armed Forces in August 2000. This means that the responsibility of keeping the nation’s security has been handed over to INP.

Even though the role of INP in maintaining security has been expanded, the newly independent police force still faces various hurdles, including in its quest for providing service to the Indonesian society.

In this kind of situation, as well as in increasing the people’s trust in INP and the people’s awareness on the importance of domestic security in order to increase investment and stabilize the economy, INP is working together with JICA through the “Support Program for the INP Reform” for the purpose of creating “democratic police management,” “prompt and right police response,” “reduced crime rate,” “improved public service,” and “reform awareness within institution of INP”.

Since the start of this project in August 2002, various activities have been implemented, in particular, the designation of the Bekasi Police Resort as a model police resort for community-based policing in Indonesia, both organizationally and individually by the officers.