Dissemination of the Sustainable Mariculture Technology Project


    Gondol (Bali)

In order to raise the productivity of export goods, improve the income of micro scale fishermen, to stably provide animal protein to its people and so forth, Indonesia sees promoting fishery cultivation as one of the prioritized issues in the national development plan. On the other hand, prawn culturing, which had rapidly expanded, is struggling now due to the occurrence of virus and drop in international prices, which makes developing a new farm an urgent issue. With the implementation of "Biodiversity of seedling production technology development project" in 1994, seedling production technology development of grouper and milkfish was implemented for stable growth of fishery cultivation and technical development and transfer had been conducted until 2003.

With this corporation, technical transfer was done for those in charge of spreading and education on the spreading method of this technology at Marine Fishery Research, Gondol Research Institute and the Indonesian regional cultivation development center (assumed to take place at Batam, Lampung, Situbondo, where the improvement in the development system of cultivation technology is progressing) and at the same time introduce this technology to other ASEAN countries.