ODA Projects in each Province
West Kalimantan

Loan Aid
1972 Rehabilitation of Sea Dredgers Project (1.80)
1973 Rehabilitation of Sea Dredgers Project (13.50)
1974 Sea Dredge Project (29.23)
1978 Equipment Supply for Scattered Diesel Power Plants (32.00)
1979 Equipment Supply for Scattered Diesel Power Plants and Distribution Network (52.68)
1979 Equipment Supply for Local Roads Support Works (49.94)
1984 Equipment Supply for Scattered Diesel Power Plants (90.00)
1987 Local Road Development Project (II) (128.82)
1988 Road Rehabilitation Project (295.38)
1989 Road Rehabilitation Project (II) (210.40)
1990 Local and Urban Road Development Project (167.72)
1993 Road Rehabilitation Project (III) (203.02)
1996 Local Road Development Project (III) (162.56)
2000 Project Type Sector Loan for Water Resources Development (II) (186.76)

Grant Aid
2000 Improvement of Forest Fire Equipment (3.09)
2004 Improvement of Medical Care of Public Hospitals in West Kalimantan Province Program (4.35)
  • Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Project
    2005 Project for Capacity Empowerment of Core Training Center in Toho for Village Development in Mountainous Forest Area

Technical Cooperation

  • Technical Cooperation Project/ Project-Type Technical Cooperation
    1990 Higher Education Development Support Project (HEDS)
    2001 Regional Development Support Program
    2001 Forest Fire Prevention Management Project (Phase 2)
    Strengthening the Institutional and Service Delivery Capacity of Indigenous NGO's Implement Community Development Program
    2003 Project for the Promotion of Mass Propagation Technique of Native Tree Species for Reforestation
    2006 Project on Ensuring Maternal and Child Health Service with MCH Handbook (Phase II)
    2006 Forest Fire Prevention Project by Initiative of People in Buffer Zone

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ODA Projects in each Province
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