Project to Enhance Education and Training of Industrial Safety and Health

    From November 15, 1995 to November 14, 2000 (five years)

    Central district of the metropolitan Jakarta (Cempaka Putih), human engineering, labor safety and health center (HIPERKES), Ministry of Labor and Transmigration.

Amount Provided:
    Equipment provided for education and training, including boiler simulator, local exhaust equipment model, and similar: approximately 240 million yen (JP¥ 60,568,022 + US$ 436,008.17 + Rp 2,824,968,200)

Purpose :
By developing, implementing and revising the education and training model course with regard to labor safety and health, improve the education and training on safety and health for workers and employers and contribute to the prevention of labor accidents and occupational illness in Indonesia.

Outline :

  1. In Indonesia, industrialization progressed rapidly which increased the danger of new labor accidents due to new technology introduced and production process becoming complicated. There was a need to work on this problem. For that reason, Indonesia requested for technical cooperation from Japan where labor accidents have been reduced by the success of education and training in the area of labor safety and health.
  2. During the cooperation period, there were times when advancing the project faced difficulties due to increased economic instability and social unrest as represented by the Asian monetary crisis (1997), the Jakarta riot and the fall of the Suharto Administration (1998). But both Japan and Indonesia worked closely together, which enabled them to put the originally planned education and training course on track. (refer to the figure). Furthermore, touched off by the project activity, Indonesia also started working positively, starting an education and training course on its own with the effective use of equipment provided.
  3. The safety and health education training center of the Ministry of Labor and Transmigration became capable of proving education and training not only in the classroom but what can be used at the work site immediately using simulators and actual equipment used. This contributed to raising the consciousness of the workers and employers toward labor safety and health.

Graph: Training and Education of each fiscal year (April to March) during the project