Competition Policy



In Indonesia, with the changes in domestic politics and economic systems in the aftermath of the economic crisis, many efforts were taken which were aimed at a sound market economy. Among them is the antimonopoly law which was enacted in 1999 and the business competition watch committee that applies this law, set up in 2000. For the economy and industry of Indonesia to recover and stabilize, it is vital to establish a fair competition climate and improve the infrastructure for investment and trade activities. However, with regard to the standard of application of antimonopoly, working practices of law application and so forth, administrative functions involved in competition policy and deregulation are still insufficient.

For this purpose, the following was implemented as a project.

  1. Organizing thoughts on competition policy by the members of the business competition watch committee and administrators.
  2. Setting up rules, such as the standard of application of a competition law based on appropriate proposals.
  3. Acquiring competence in handling various cases of violations.
  4. Adopting an appropriate and adequate policy of deregulation which is being promoted by the government.